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Smart B2B platform for manufacturers and food suppliers to reduce their cost of food waste.

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The Food Waste Problem

Food surplus can arise from a number of reasons, including inefficiencies in production or distribution process, contractual arrangement or lack information leaving food suppliers with a stock they are not able to sell.

In most cases the food then has to be disposed of, at a cost, or is sold as a low grade input for energy production or animal feed. One can see this is a very inefficient way of using food products that are perfectly suitable for human consumption.
By helping food suppliers identify alternative uses for their food products we help them manage their food surplus and also reduce the burden on the environment.

Our solution

We have built a smart B2B marketplace that accelerates the sale of surplus food by connecting food suppliers (e.g. manufacturers, distributors) who are left with a surplus stock, with potential buyers from hospitality industry (e.g. hotels, restaurants).

Suppliers can list their stock as it reaches the critical period making it available to a range of businesses that can use it quickly. Buyers are presented with a dashboard of available discounted products and can initiate the purchase of products.

Both parties save money and reduce food waste.

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